Project 10

Miller Residence | Heritage Construction Design

The cabana house on the beach and the tram housing were all built to match the house. The suspended pool was designed by Heritage Construction with a water fall feature and a cedar tree with a light on it. The inside stair posts are smaller cedar tress to match the 5 bigger cedar trees in the house. The kitchen table was custom designed and built by Heritage Construction, to match the timber trusses in the house, as well as the hood fan over the stove.

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No Terrain is Too Difficult for Heritage Construction

Hi Travis & Jeanine: just an overdue note to commend Heritage Construction for such a work of art at Sailview Bay. We know to build on such a irregular piece of land was quite a feat and there are not many that would be up for the challenge. Not only is Travis a master builder, he was the designer, architect, hands on builder all rolled into one not to mention decorator. To this day Christine still often likes relate the story of Travis taking the time to go hunting with us for the lighting fixtures and me targeting something that was totally inappropriate. Travis was discreet enough to politely lead me to better Mission style choice thank goodness.

Another story that I often relate is that of acquaintances of ours in Edmonton that had built in Kelowna. When we informed them that we were about to start building they tried everything to get us to forget it since they had such a terrible experience bringing their building to a finish. No such experience for us as the Heritage group made it a great process and friends for life.

We would recommend Heritage Construction to anyone looking to build or renovate, especially anyone looking for great design innovations.
— Barry & Christine Miller